• Frater LHT

Ur Nergal

There Art those who pass, only for a moment. Ever remains their essence, clear and potent. Ever do come, unto one another. Passing and forgetting, thine dearest Brother. I saw once a flame, saw it alight in me. The fleeting fired way, beneath all that I Be. We come down to see, we do visit a while. But stay not too long, lest thine soul thee defile. Come now all enemies, come now unto me. And face thee I wilt, all karma shall I free.

Effects of causes, shalt arise and be known. Charge forth like the hordes, of the man made of bone. Larvae shalt be seen, touched, heard, tasted and smelt. As I call forth and thwart, face that which I dealt.

Then look again shalt I into mine inner part. Look upon mine inmost, the place of the start. So yes, there art those who pass swift and briefly. But cherish all men whom shalt treat thee beastly. As we do return, unto one another. Shalt we pass and not know, our faithful Other? Always comes the word, and again as before. Not misunderstood, pointing toward the door. I once saw a flame, saw it alight in me.

That fleeting fired way, under all that I Be.

Frater LHT


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