• Frater LHT

A Night With Abzu

Last night I saw thee, when I fell into sleep.

You held me so tightly, I could only weep. Last night with eyes shut, it was ye I there saw.

A lifetime together, parted as before. Now I am awaken, I see thee not here. Rest assured mine Lover, I forget not my dear. We embrace not here, like we do when eyes shut. But fear not mine Lover, ties cannot be cut. Now here I wander, as thee and we do. Thou still hold my hand, and I still hold yours too. Together we art, but parted we are too. How silly am I, when I think I miss you. I felt thee today, as ye kissed me, my Prince. Ever conversing, in a soft dancing since. Ever hast thee been beside, within and there. Together in marriage, to thee, I declare. A dragon, an angel, and a snake there too. Solid liquid light, the eye glowing gold through. Many faces have ye Prince, perhaps none true. Union in Parting, is what we Lovers do. Stands here a Maiden, and tonight she does sing. To her Lover out there, her innermost King. Walk with me sweet paramour, like we did then. Two Lovers in marriage, walk fearless with men. We shalt have the earth, the stars, heavens and more. But first we must part, I must pass through the door Tonight I shalt see thee, when I fall into sleep. You’ll hold me so tightly, again I shalt weep. Tonight with eyes shut, it is thou I adore.

A lifetime together, parted as before.

Frater LHT


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