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"Be as thou art shalt be the union of the Law.

Love is the Law, Love within Will"

Frater LHT - V:4 A.N



I, _______________________ (motto), being of sound mind and body, and prepared, on this ____ day of _____________ [Anno ____ Sol in _______ ° of _______] do hereby resolve: in the Presence of _________________________, a Dominus Liminis of the A∴A∴: To prosecute the Great Work: which is, to obtain control of the attractions and repulsions of my own being. Further, I promise to observe zeal in service to the Practici under me, and to deny myself utterly on their behalf. May the A∴A∴ crown the work, lend me of Its wisdom in the work, enable me to understand the work! Reverence, duty, sympathy do I bring to the A∴A∴ and right soon may I be admitted to the knowledge and conversation of the A∴A∴!







0. Let any Practicus be appointed by authority to proceed to the grade of Philosophus.
Let him then read through this note of his office, and sign it.
Let him cause the necessary addition to be made to his Practicus’ robe.
Let him make an appointment with his Philosophus at the pleasure of the latter for the conferring of advancement.

1. The Philosophus shall proceed to the grade of Dominus Liminis at any time that authority confers it.

2. He shall pass examinations in Liber CLXXV and in Construction and Consecration of Talismans and in Evocation. Yet in this matter he shall be his own judge.
He shall moreover attain complete success in Liber III, Cap. II.
Further, he shall apply himself to study and practice the meditations given in Liber V.

3. He shall further show some acquaintance with and experience of Liber O, Caps. V, VI. Whereof his Record shall be his witness.

4. He shall commit to memory a chapter of Liber DCCCXIII.

5. Besides all this, he shall make constant and profound reflections upon the Path.
Let him remember that the word Philosophus is no idle term, but that Philosophy is the Equilibrium of him that is in the house of Venus that is the Lady of Love.

6. When the title of Dominus Liminis is conferred upon him, let him rejoice exceedingly therein; but beware, for that it is but the false veil of the moon that hangs beneath the Sun.

7. Let him not venture while a member of the grade of Philosophus to attempt to withdraw from his association with the A∴A∴.

8. He shall everywhere proclaim openly his connection with the A∴A∴ and speak of It and Its principles (even so little as he understandeth) for that mystery is the enemy of truth.
Furthermore, he shall construct the magic Wand, according to the instruction in Liber A.
One month after his admission to the Grade, he shall go to his Dominus Liminis, pass the necessary tests, and repeat to him his chosen chapter of Liber DCCCXIII.

9. He shall in every way establish perfect control of his devotion according to the advice of his Dominus Liminis, for tha the ordeal of advancement is no light one.

10. Thus and not otherwise may he attain the great reward, YEA, MAY HE ATTAIN THE GREAT REWARD!




The Philosophus will be examined in the following books:

Liber CCXX

Liber AL Vel Legis Sub Figura CCXX as delivered by LXXVIII unto DCLXVI

This book is the foundation of the New Æon, and thus of the whole of our Work.



This book is an account of the Hexagram and the method of reducing it to the Unity, and Beyond.

Liber LV

The Chymical Jousting of Brother Perardua

An account of the Magical and Mystic Path in the language of Alchemy. 

Liber LIX

Across the Gulph

A fantastic account of a previous incarnation. Its principal interest is that its story of the overthrowing of Isis by Osiris may help the reader to understand the meaning of the overthrowing of Osiris by Horus in the present Æon.


The High History of Good Sir Palamedes the Saracen Knight and of his following of the Questing Beast

A poetic account of the Great Work, and enumeration of many obstacles.



An exposition in poetic language of several of the ways of attainment and the results obtained.



This gives an account in poetic language of the struggle of the human and divine elements in the consciousness of man, giving their harmony following upon the victory of the latter.

Liber XVI

Liber Turris vel Domus Dei

An instruction for attainment by the direct destruction of thoughts as they arise in the mind.


Astarte vel Liber Berylli

An instruction in attainment by the method of devotion, or Bhakta-Yoga.

Liber XLVI

The Key of the Mysteries

A translation by Frater O.M. of the masterpiece of Eliphas Levi. This course is specially adapted to the task of this Grade, the Attainment of Bhakta-Yoga.



"Do what thou wilt shalt be the whole of the Law.

Love is the Law, Love under Will"

Liber AL vel Legis 1:57

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