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"Be as thou art shalt be the union of the Law.

Love is the Law, Love within Will"

Frater LHT - V:4 A.N


According to the Divine Vision of W. the Seer

To be performed before a window open to the E. or N. without incense. The room filled with jewels, but only diamonds to be worn. A Sword, unconsecrated. 44 pearl beads to be told. Stand. Bright daylight at 12:30 noon. Lock doors. White robes; bare feet. Be very loud. Die ♄. The below is W.’s answer to various questions posed by P.


Banish. L.B.R. Pentagram. L.B.R. Hexagram. Flaming Sword. Abrahadabra. Invoke. As before.

These are P.’s ideas for ritual. W. replied, “Omit.”

Use the Sign of Apophis and Typhon.


Unprepared and uninvoking Thee, I, […], Fra. R.R. et A.C., am here in Thy Presence -for Thou art Everywhere, O Lord Horus! -to confess humbly before Thee my neglect and scorn of Thee.
How shall I humble myself enough before Thee? Thou art the mighty and unconquered Lord of the Universe: I am a spark of Thine unutterable Radiance.
How should I approach Thee? -but Thou art Everywhere.
But Thou hast graciously designed to call me unto Thee, to this Exorcism of Art, that I may be Thy Servant, Thine Adept, O Bright One, O Sun of Glory! Thou whas called me -should I not then hasten to Thy Presence?
With unwashen hands therefore I come unto Thee, and I lament my wandering from Thee -but Thou knowest!
Yea, I have done evil!
If one blasphemed Thee, why should I therefore forsake Thee? But Thou art the Avenger; all is with Thee.
I bow my neck before Thee; and as once Thy Sword was upon it, so am I in Thy hands. Strike if Thou wilt: spare if Thou wilt: but accept me as I am.
My trust is in Thee: shall I be confounded? This Ritual of Art; this Forty and Fourfold Invocation; this Sacrifice of Blood–these I do not comprehend.
It is enough if I obey Thy Decree; did Thy Fiat go forth for my eternal misery, were it not my joy to execute Thy Sentence on myself?
For why? For that All is in Thee and of Thee; it is enough if I burn up in the intolerable glory of Thy presence.
Enough! I turn toward Thy Promise.
Doubtful are the Words: Dark are the Ways; but in Thy Words and Ways is Light. Thus then now as ever, I enter the Path of Darkness, if haply so I may attain the Light. Hail!

                                                                                                                                 α I א

Strike, strike the master chord!
Draw, draw the Flaming Sword!
Crowned Child and Conquering Lord,
Horus, Avenger!


1 – O Thou of the Head of the Hawk!
Thee, Thee, I invoke!
(At every “Thee I invoke,” throughout the whole of the ritual, give the sign of Apophis.)

A – Thou only-begotten-child of Osiris Thy Father, and Isis Thy Mother. He that was slain; She that bore Thee in Her womb flying from the Terror of the Water.
Thee, Thee I invoke!


2 – O Thou whose Apron is of flashing white, whiter than the Forehead of the Morning!
Thee, Thee I invoke!


B – O Thou who hast formulated Thy Father and made fertile Thy Mother!
Thee, Thee I invoke!


3 – O Thou whose garment is of the golden glory with the azure bars of sky!
Thee, Thee I invoke!


C – Thou, who didst avenge the Horror of Death; Thou the slayer of Typhon! Thou who didst lift Thine arms, and the Dragons of Death were as dust; Thou who didst raise Thine Head and the Crocodile of Nile was abased before Thee!
Thee, Thee I invoke!


4 – O Thou whose Nemyss hideth the Universe with night, the impermeable Blue!
Thee, Thee I invoke!


D – Thou who travellest in the Boat of Ra, abiding at the Helm of the Aftet boat and of the Sektet boat! Thee, Thee I invoke!

5 – Thou who bearest the Wand of Double Power!
Thee, Thee I invoke!


E – Thou about whose presence is shed the darkness of Blue Light, the unfathomable glory of the outmost Ether, the untravelled, the unthinkable immensity of Space. Thou who concentrest all the Thirty Ethers in one darkling sphere of Fire!
Thee, Thee I invoke!


6 – O Thou who bearest the Rose and Cross of Life and Light! Thee, Thee I invoke!

The Voice of the Five.

The Voice of the Six.

Eleven are the Voices.



                                                                                                                                    β II ב

Strike, strike the master chord!
Draw, draw the Flaming Sword!
Crowned Child and Conquering Lord,
Horus, Avenger!


1 – By Thy name of Ra, I invoke Thee, Hawk of the Sun, the glorious one!

2 – By Thy name Harmachis, youth of the Brilliant Morning, I invoke Thee!

3 – By Thy name Mau, I invoke Thee, Lion of the Midday Sun!

4 – By Thy name Tum, Hawk of the Even, crimson splendour of the sunset, I invoke Thee!

5 – By Thy name of Khep-Ra I invoke Thee, O Beetle of the hidden Mastery of Midnight!

A – By Thy Heru-pa-Kraat, Lord of Silence, Beautiful Child that standest on the Dragons of the Deep, I invoke Thee!

B – By Thy name Apollo, I invoke Thee, O man of Strength and Splendour, O Poet, O Father!

C – By Thy name of Phoebus, that drivest Thy Chariot through the Heavens of Zeus, I invoke Thee.

D – By Thy name of Odin, I invoke Thee, O warrior of the North, O Renown of the Sagas.

E – By Thy name Jeheshua, O Child of the Flaming Star, I invoke Thee!

F – By Thine own, thy secret name Hoori, Thee I invoke!


The Names are Five.

The Names are Six.

Eleven are the Names!



Behold! I stand in the Midst. Mine is the symbol of Osiris; to Thee are mine eyes ever turned. Unto the splendour of Geburah, the magnificence of Chesed, the mystery of Daath, thither I lift up mine eyes. This have I sought, and I have sought the Unity: hear Thou me!

                                                                                                                                   γ III ג

1 – Mine is the Head of the Man, and my insight is keen as the Hawk’s.
By my head I invoke Thee!


A – I am the only-begotten child of my Father and mother. My Father is dead. My mother bore me with labor and pain and fear.

By my body I invoke Thee!


2 – About me shine the Diamonds of Radiance white and pure.

By their brightness I invoke Thee!


B – Mine is the Red Triangle Reversed. the sign given of none, save it be of Thee, O Lord!
By the Lamen I invoke Thee!


3 – Mine is the garment of white sewn with gold, the flashing abbai that I wear.
By my robe I invoke Thee!


C – Mine is the sign of Apophis and Typhon!

By the sign I invoke Thee!


4 – Mine is the turban of white and gold, and mine the blue vigour of the intimate air!
By my crown I invoke Thee!


D – My fingers travel on the Beads of Pearl; so run I after Thee in thy car of glory.
By my fingers I invoke Thee!


5 – I bear the Wand of Double Power in the Voice of the Master – Abrahadabra!
By the word I invoke Thee!


E – Mine are the dark-blue waves of music in the song that I made of old to invoke Thee-

Strike, strike the master chord!

Draw, draw the Flaming Sword!

Crowned Child and Conquering Lord, Horus, Avenger!


By the song I invoke Thee!

6 – In my hand is thy Sword of Revenge; let it strike at Thy bidding!

By the Sword I invoke Thee!


The Voice of the Five.

The Voice of the Six.

Eleven are the Voices.



                                                                                                                                   δ IV ד

This section merely repeats Section I in the first person, This it begins:

1 – Mine is the Head of the Hawk! Abrahadabra!

and ends:

6 – I bear the Rose and Cross of Life and Light! Abrahadabra!

giving the Sign at each Abrahadabra.

Remaining in the Sign, the invocation concludes:

Therefore I say unto thee: Come Thou forth and dwell in me; so that every spirit, whether of the Firmament, or of the Ether, or of the Earth or under the Earth ; on dry land or in the Water, of Whirling air or of Rushing Fire; and every spell and scourge of

God the Vast One my be Thee.



The Adoration–Impromptu.

Close by Banishing. 

"Do what thou wilt shalt be the whole of the Law.

Love is the Law, Love under Will"

Liber AL vel Legis 1:57

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