"Be as thou art shalt be the union of the Law.
Love is the Law, Love within Will"

Frater LHT - V:4 A.N

Students may or may not have prior knowledge of occultism, other orders, magick, or may have many years of study of these matters too. Since the level of an individual cannot be gauged until they have worked for some time with the Order, it is thus, that the same student examination for all students irrespective of stated background is applied. 


The purpose of the examination is partly to prepare the student, to facilitate further communication with the Order and partly to teach an important fact; that of the common ground between systems, so as to avoid the trap of dogmatism common to all systems, and to warn against attaching importance to non-essentials.


All students are expected to study the texts associated with the Student Grade, and apply for examination in no less than three months. Successful students may be invited to the Grade of Probationer. Since admission into the A∴A∴ begins at the Student Grade, a Student must study the following books:

  1. The Equinox, Volume I, Nos. 1-10 by Aleister Crowley and others

    Volume I No. 1
    Volume I No. 2
    Volume I No. 3
    Volume I No. 4
    Volume I No. 5
    Volume I No. 6
    Volume I No. 7
    Volume I No. 8
    Volume I No. 9

    Volume I no. 10


  2. 777 by Aleister Crowley

  3. Konx Om Pax by Aleister Crowley

  4. The Collected Works of Aleister Crowley: TannhäuserThe Sword of SongTime, Eleusis

  5. Raja Yoga by Swami Vivekananda

  6. The Shiva Sanhita or the Hathayoga Pradipika

  7. The Tao The King and the writings of Kwang Tze: Sacred Books of the East XXXIX, XL

  8. The Spiritual Guide by Miguel de Molinos

  9. Rituel et Dogme de la Haute Magie by Eliphas Levi, or its translation by A. E. Waite

    Part I
    Part II


  10. The Goetia of the Lemegeton of Solomon the King ed. by Aleister Crowley

  11. The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage trans. by S. L. Mathers

    Book I
    Book I

    Book III


  12. The Book of Lies by Aleister Crowley

Study of these books will give a thorough grounding in the intellectual side of Their system.

After three months the Student may apply for examination in these books, and if his knowledge of them is found satisfactory, he may become a Probationer, receiving Liber LXI and the secret holy book, Liber LXV. The principal point of the Probationer Grade is that the Probationer has a master appointed, whose experience can guide him in his work.

The Probationer may then select any practices that he prefers, but in any case must keep an exact record, so that he may discover the relation of cause and effect in his working, and so that the A∴A∴  may judge of his progress, and direct his further studies.

After a year of probation The Probationer may be admitted a Neophyte of A∴A∴, and receive the secret holy book Liber VII.


"Do what thou wilt shalt be the whole of the Law.
Love is the Law, Love under Will"

Liber AL vel Legis 1:57

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